My Nightmere

July 29, 2009
By Anonymous

I hear the car door slam in the middle of the night,
My last little bit of comfort then turns to fright,
I scramble to the closet and curl up on the floor,
I start to tremble as he comes crashing through the door,
Please somebody save me, I pray as hard as I can,
But no one can help me when he has the upper hand,
He flips the bed getting even angrier as he continues to look,
I shake as I remember the first night in which my innocents he took,
The dresser goes flying; things are getting much worse,
I accidentally let out a whimper listening to him curse,
The closet door swings open; he is smiling with an evil glare,
Please make him go away; I say a silent prayer,
I try to scream but his hand is pressed tightly over my lips,
In my attempt to escape a fall victim to his overpowering grip,
He has his way as I cry like every other night,
But some thing in his eyes doesn’t look right,
He pins me down and begins to yell,
He tells me how all I do is make his life he**,
He throws me toward the stairs and I try to run,
He grabs me by the neck screaming he isn’t done,
He drags me down the stairs, I feel something on my face, I begin to weep,
I can feel the blood rushing down my cheek,
He strikes me again saying shut up the neighbors will hear,
I am weak as he walks away, when he returns I and stunned in fear,
He has a lighter clutched in his hand,
What did I do to make him so mad?
I close my eyes and try to block the horror out,
The burning pain shoots through my legs and I let out a shout,
Shut up you stupid girl, he yells, your worthless little cuss,
He throws me against the wall; he is going to kill me this is it,
Light headed from the lose of blood a bright light appears,
The heavenly voice that calls me home seems to be all I hear,
Just as I reach out the light and voice fades,
A concerned looking nurse asks if I am okay,
From across the room I see him rise to his feet,
I want to cry for help but I am to afraid and weak,
I am afraid to go back for my life he will so take,
But I am just another helpless soul lost in the hands of fate.

The author's comments:
This stuff is all real and i know what alot of teens like me livve with in their mind. This is not an issue you can just get over, as i have been told to do for so long. Child abuse in foster homes is a real issue and my goal with my poems is for some to read them and help poeple like me take a stand!

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