July 24, 2009
By Anonymous

Tell me to lock it way.
Keep it inside.
Tear open my eyes, let me see what is real.
I don’t want to hide it. This fear that is growing.
He keeps telling me that it is okay.
The bruises will fade.
The scars are clearing up. The cuts will heal soon enough.
He beats me and it doesn’t hurt. I don’t feel it.
The tears that have long been dried.
Love is something to care for right?
So if someone says that they love you, they care.
It makes sense I guess. The nights when he cuddles me.
Days he kisses my neck. What about all the other times?
When he comes home and his breath smells like beer.
He slams me into a wall and he says that it is alright.
Everything is all right until the blows start coming.
Blows aimed at my body but reaches my heart.
My brain says to fight back. My heart says to relax.
He apologizes after all. He always does the morning after.
Promises to never do it again.
I can’t let anyone know. He is right. The bruises are fading.
The scars will clear up and the cuts heal fast.
He still cares for me. Right?

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