Why dad why?

July 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Dad called me a b**** but why?

After hearing it form him it made me cry

Why is he so cruel?

I thought I was his little girl

He is so mean

My life is like a movie scene

Why doesn’t he consider me as his child?

He never looked up at me and smiled

What have I done to him?

Life is a joke which is grim

Why does he do this to me?

I need a dad doesn’t he sees?

Why dad why? Why, and why?

Does he really want to see me cry?

Why doesn’t he care?

With this coldness I cant bare

I am just a child

I am not wild

So please understand me

I am your daughter take a look and see

I just want to us to live happily

Dad I am your daughter just look out for me…

The author's comments:
i love reading and i love to teach other people about anything.

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