July 13, 2009
By Anonymous

When I call, you never seam to answer
When I talk, you never seam to care
When I leave, you act as if the party just started when it just ended
When I cut, I do it for you, yet you don’t seam to notice the blood dripping down my skin
The pain hits the climax, I think of you
I can never think of you in a good way, all I can think of is the pain I go through
Just to be seen
Just to be noticed by you
The amount of time I give you, never seams to make you happy
When you change your hair I notice, but it just appears to annoy you
So I have decided as a sign of my love to never annoy you.
I shall just completely erase my existence so you will never be annoyed
Now, I may sleep knowing I have made you happy for all eternity

Little did I know it wasn’t me you were anoyed at it was yourself
It was your confusion of how you felt
Why your heart fluttered when you heard my voice.
When you heard I ended it for you
You felt confusion, sadness, and guilt.
It was you who my final words were for
It was you who I told I loved
And it was you who had my heart and let me die without even knowing I had yours.
My soul, in your heart,
My smile in your memory,
My note in your pocket,
My soul never left
How when I wasn't there, it felt as if I was.

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