Sister of Mine

July 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Sister of Mine,
My hero,
the person who makes me laugh,
the girl who steals my clothes,
who used to get mad when i played with your make-up,
or got into your "stuff",
who grew up to quick.

you had to work from early on,
to support an immigrant mother, and a young brother,
and an even younger sister,
you didn't get the best of anything,
you were bullieded as a child,
you were abused as a child,
and for that i'm happy you left your childhood early then others,
but i regret it because,
you never had time to stop and play,
never to just sit around and look at the sky,
never to ride your bike with the rest of the kids,
i robbed you of your childhood,
yet you still bought me the best of everything,
made sure when i needed something i got it,
but who was there to do these things for you?
i'm forever grateful to you, as even though when we joke about how i owe you 750,000 dollars, i say i ain't giving you a dime.
and i regret that i did not know you, when i was growing up,
you were to busy working, and finishing up school early so you could work longer,
but now,
now i tease you for trying to make up for your lost childhood,
even though in my heart,
i can't even tell you how happy i am,
you sit with me, and gossip about boys you like, eating popcorn at the movies,
making fun of other shoppers
it brings a smile to my face even now,

even though it brings tears too,
I'll do everything i can, so that the child i see in you,
that child who i had thought died so long ago,
that child who peaks at me from the depths of your eyes,
i'll do everything i can to bring that child out...

sister of mine, i'm truly sorry.
Can you ever forgive me?

The author's comments:
750,000 is the cost to raise an child from birth to 18 years old, well thats what she tells me.

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