July 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Respect respect
That’s all you wanted from me

You tell me

But how can you ask
For respect if you never

Stand up for yourself
Letting a man walk over you

talking over you
Like you don’t even have a voice
Never showing you have a backbone

Afraid of being left alone
And you say you want respect
You let you child hear you fight
Never being a good mother

and trying

To calm their fear
Never shielding from a sight

a child should see

Their mother broken

Unable of being fixed
Like a toy that’s been disregarded

Your sons and daughter

hearing ever shout

Your voice keeping

them up all night
You ask me your daughter

to respect you
But how can I respect you my mother

When I’m the one

Hearing every shout every sob
Always the one left asking why

Why don’t you leave him?

And you let me know

You need him

You need him why?
To put his hands around your arms

Around your throat

You need him

So badly

You can’t even give him up
When I’m the one breaking

your fights up
By telling him to let go of

my mother

My hero

Who is now on the ground?

Telling me it’s all right
That I’m a good little daughter

For standing up for you

And pat me on the head

Then send me on my way

Another night

Another fight

I can’t sleep with you voices

Haunting me

I creep downstairs

And see the stares

Of my brothers

Huddled on the couch

Watching TV

Not even bothering to see

What going on upstairs

Why should they

They seen it all before
And they know no one would care

It doesn’t matter

We don’t matter

It’s all the same

Ever shout

Ever tear

Doesn’t make a difference

I run to the backdoor

Hoping for a way out

A great escape

Who could I call to get me

out of here?

But where would I go

And who would protect

My brothers

And and


But I had enough

You’re suffocating me

You’re chocking me

You’re killing me

Soon I’ll

Be dead


I can’t stand another

night like this

Another fight

I fell to my kneels begging

God please to stop this

Madness before it spreads

Before it’s too late

And takes another

Piece of me that

I can’t bear to waste

The backdoor opens and

Their you stand
Arms crossed hiding the bruise

I know encircle you wrist

Eyes red

You talk to me like you

Can just wave a hand
And erase everything happened

But I know you can’t

The scares will still

be their tomorrow

Ending the silence

You asked me

if I was coming in or not

Not if I was all right or

That everything will be ok
Just an emotionless voice asking

An emotionless question

I said I’ll be in soon
Trying to hold back the tears

Knowing nothing you can say

Will stop my fears

but you dont even try to lie

to make it ok

you just shut the door on me

In more ways than one

The author's comments:
when i wrote this i was reliving a bad part of my life now that im in a good place and happy i been able to express thing that really hurt me and move on from it

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