July 2, 2009
By Kilian BRONZE, Pueblo, Colorado
Kilian BRONZE, Pueblo, Colorado
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I see the nikes sitting in th corner,
Torn up and mudy from the night before,
I put them on,
And I'm running,
From the sounds of gun shots,
I hear a yell,
I turn nd see a man on the ground,
About my age,
He's wearing the same colors I am,
His chest is running red with blood,
I go to help,
I turn to pick him up but its to late; Hes dead,
I hear more gun shots,
Agian i run,
Leaving behind this boy whom I've known for years,
I begin to feel the tears,
Mychest is heavy,
I can barly feel the rain,
I trip and fall in the mud,
There getting closer,
I start to crawl,
There gettig closer,
I stand up,
There here,
One final howl of the gun was all I heard.

I take the nikes off,
And i see a pair of convers,
Chuck high tops,
I put them on and I'm at a party,

Im in nothing but a mini skirt and tanktop,
Im dancing to the souds of techno,
Then i see him,
I can tell he's interested,
He asks me to go for a walk,
How could i say no,
The air feels good on my sweaty body,
We walk into the woods,
And talk about everything,
He's perfet,
He kisses me and i kiss him back,
His hands start to wonder,
This is going to far,
He starts to go lower,
This is going to far,
I tell him to stop,
He tells me to shut up and keeps going,
I fight back,
But he's to strong,
I yell for help,
But no one comes,
This is wrong,

I take them off,
I still feel her pain,
But I see a pair of football cleets,
I put them on and I'm in a locker room,
We just won,
Everyone is excited,
Jumping, laphing, yelling,
I go home without a care in the world,
I'm on cloud nine,
I walk threw the door and there he is,
"Great game hu' dad"
"It would have been good if you wouldn't have missed that catch in the third"
He keeps yelling,
Telling me all my mistakes,
Wy can't he take me for who I am?
Why can't I be good enouph for him?
I go to my rom,
I rip down my trophies and plaques,
There all for nothing,
I tell myself im worthless, That I dont matter,
Then i see the blade,
The one I use for my razor,
But it has so may uses,
I put it to my wrist,
Becuase im not good enouph.

I take the shoes off,
And see my own,
I put them on,
And realize maybe home isn't so bad.

The author's comments:
When i wrote this i really wanted to show the diffrent problems kids are going threw now-a-days. I realize that it's a little dramatic and maybe not every kid goes threw these problems but I wanted to speak out the kids that do, the ones that feel no one is there. For those kids I want you to know, I'm here.

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