July 1, 2009
By SydneyGwinn GOLD, Irvine, California
SydneyGwinn GOLD, Irvine, California
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When love is thy life
Show no compassion
Silence to thy lover
No more blood they will ration

Clouded is thou eyes
Silent tears, a story they tell
For her lover her body trembles
Once allies now traitors, nightmares from the depths of hell

Her lover weeps, for life he cries
From darkness the traitor merges
A dagger in silence, with his lust filled eyes
Nothing to stop his dark sensual urges

Her screams unheard
Oblivious the unyielding pain is to her lover
Her stolen innocence
The sorrow she holds for the bruises she must cover

She longs to tell her dreaded secret
For his name she fears
A forbidden act, his name burns her lips
There is nothing to quell her tears

No trust between the lovers
Shall they speak to one another?
Hath they not told the truth?
There soul they must give to the other

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