June 30, 2009
By Anonymous

To think of the next big lie,
To catch the next big high.
To take a risk and nearly die,
This is the life of I.

Double takes to have to see,
This isn’t the way it has to be.
Going from he to she,
What is happening to me?

Take a breath and breathe in,
Not meaning to scare kin,
Round and round, life is on a spin.

Take a chance; it’ll be fun,
Go ahead, have another one.
You lose but you think you’ve won,
I wonder if I’ll ever be done.

Silently out the door,
Just to have a lil more.
Caught in the middle of a war,
Strip my lies down to the core.

I don’t think I’m going to above,
Losing the ones I truly love.
Not as pure as a dove,
But at least I had a glove.

They say there’s no war like a girl fight,
’Cause those take all your might.
I know somewhere, there’s a light,
But I can’t seem to get out of this night.

One day, I’ll soar across the clouds,
But for now I’m stuck on the ground.
I’m so lost that I can’t be found,
I hope someday I’ll be unbound.

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