Treaties of Death

June 28, 2009
By Krysta_Michelle GOLD, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
Krysta_Michelle GOLD, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
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I’m very sorry, but even you will eventually die
Even as a greatly child, you too will soon say goodbye
It must be done, by interference or merely time
It will still come, by nature or an evil crime

Death is not meant to be under control
It is not mean to come after a life of parole
An act of nature it’s meant to be
Growing old and wise much like a tree

Suicide is to many a great loss
A disorder not cured by even a cross
More potential never to be reached
Another treaty that is breached

A treaty between men, in the case of crime
Or between life and death, balancing on a dime
Homicide is considered quite petty
A soul released that is not quite ready

Death can release you, deeming you free
To live a wonder the living yet cannot see
Releasing you from sickness and pain
Letting go of a life of unpleasant disdain

Life is but a simple prep
Death is truly the next step

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