It's going to happen.

June 26, 2009
By Anonymous


Towards his room, my

Mind forgets how to

Work, momentarily.

Losing sight of what

Is going on, where I

Am. I can’t take this

Anxiety anymore.

It needs to be done.


Of his bashed door, my

Breathing becomes a

Little unbalanced, a little

Bit weakened, and sharp

Huffs of air that take too

Long to breathe out

Escape from my twisted



The room, my scrawny

Legs cart me. Reaching

For security, for strength

Inside of me to do this.

I’m here, right where I
Need to be, but I don’t

Know if I can go through

With it. Uncertainty fills

My head, but I refuse to

Let it get the best of me

This time.


Darkness engulfs around

Me. I stumble around till

I reach my destination,

The closet. The creaky

Door already unlocked, an

Open invitation into the

New surroundings I

Cautiously await.


Now seems intimidating.

Acting as though it knows

I don’t have the courage to

Make this happen. Taunting

Me with its reverberating

Silence that rings

throughout my ears,hurting

With an overwhelming,

Unbearable pain.


Am not afraid of it at

All. I am not going to go

Back to the unstable

Uncomfortable bed that my

Body longs for right now.

I am going to march right

Up to death, darkness,

Whoever it is I am going

To have to accept in a

Little bit and confront it

With my confidence. I am

Going to tell it that what

Is swirling around in my

Head right now, is what is

Going to happen. This is

What I want, what I yearn

For right now and there is

No way that I am going to

Abandon this feeling now.


To my sense of will.

Welcome to the reality

That is going to hit you

In the face so hard.

Welcome to the show.


Event of the year. The

occurrence that will shut

The demons in my head up

For once and for all. They

Will no longer cloud up my

Mind and haunt me with

Their evil.


That will hurt for a brief

Amount of time, will later

Be atoned with the

Delicious outcome of the

Sting. I turn the light in

The closet on for a couple

Of seconds, and grab the


It’s going

to happen.

It’s going

to happen.

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