Broken Hearts For The Broken Minded

June 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Cuts and slits down her arms
What do you say
Counting the cuts and scars
Feeling pain rise in your own arms by looking at hers
The immutable emotion and affliction
Written everywhere on her arm
What do you say?
You speak in silence
But everything you want to say is hidden
In your own mind
Because maybe you don’t want to know why
Why she did it
Why she wanted it
Why she didn’t tell someone
Why she couldn’t
She was hiding it on her wrists
Now we can see it
Everyone can see it
Everyone can see the blame
She held on her arm
Did she not fit in
Was she beaten
Did she drink too much
Or just live a lie
Why did she ruin her skin
Why, why did she not ask for help
At the beginning
She was crying on her bathroom floor
Bleeding not believing
Her vile life
Into pools of cold blood
And they stain floor
But she hides the evidence
And locks the door
She pops pills
What heals her
It kills her
She has a broken heart
She is broken minded
Broken hearts
For the broken minded
silence is dripping from her lips
everyone’s anxious eyes
look out with contemplation
we are aware of what you did
we are aware
aware of what lies within you
fear is written in her skin
filling our minds with knowledge
intellect lies within our eyes
we want to help
but is it too late for it now
what should we do?
what do we need to say?
you are broken hearted
you’re broken minded
forget your fears
just stand behind them

The author's comments:
This is about a friend of mine

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