The Cruel Truth

June 12, 2009
By Aliyah Lover BRONZE, Aliyahvile, New York
Aliyah Lover BRONZE, Aliyahvile, New York
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It makes sense why a baby cries at birth
Because the truth is that life will hurt
So for what it’s worth?
God is giving your life to the hands of the earth
But the Earth is accepting that child with a knife in hand
While growing up, the pain makes the boy twice the man
The bloodshed from war is drained though the grains of the sand
As you walk down the lane you can feel the pain through land

Linger through where War conquered the valleys
And I swear you can still hear the flesh getting ripped by the lead

Walk down the dreadful and dangerous alleys
and you can still see the white walls painted burgundy red
These are the same alleys where women get beat down and raped
No women deserves such unjustified fate
Why are women always getting treated with hate
Bruised with emotion until suicide is what they contemplate
So they construct a house with the bricks of suicide into their brain
And cement is the substance pain
They begin to think if they should overdose with a bottle of pills,
or if they should grab a knife to end their life by cutting a vein

we got to end this drama, bring the sun out after the rain

We live in this crazy world
Filled with sin and violence
its too easy for a man to speak about a girl
But when it comes to doing the right thing, they remain silenced
As if the devil sewed there mouth for the moment
Should've followed God, but the wrong path is what was chosen

Calculate this mathematically
60% of the world is starving
50% of the world has no shelter

that’s 2/3rds of the world with no roof on their head or food on their platter
Its as if money was cake, and nobody has the batter
And then we have people ungrateful,
when they have so much
Talking negatively about one another, becoming hateful

Love is hard to find
But it is what everybody seeks
Some people find love by intoxicating the mind
they do not understand that hallucination is all they find
They do not understand that it makes you mentally weak
Love should not be mistaken with infatuation or hallucination
Because infatuation gives you the sense of Joy
But true love is unexplainable
two lovers take their life with one dagger,
so in the end they could end up together.

Why do people choose to not use their commonsense
and handle situation without a consciousness
it feels as if freedom was a war, and we have already lost.
But I’m ready to come back, and stay confident
The enemy to fight is placed deep within yourself

do not let the Earths poisons mould you into a beast
Use the resources of the world to achieve your own self
That is the only way we can truly achieve peace

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