Bullying Hurts

June 11, 2009
By niranjan khan BRONZE, Brampton, Other
niranjan khan BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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Let me introduce you to this kid
He had a hard upbringing
He had no loving
He was worth more than gold
If anyone cared for his soul

He use to wake up in the morning with a smile on his face
Trying to make the problems that occurred disappear
Hoping the darkness would just fade away
But it was no use
Found himself sitting on the curbs,
Cause it was no use
Even tried to make a living outta herbs

We were good friends back in the days
Chyl’n on the block till 6 in the morning
Drink and be merry cause there was no concerning
And yea, had no use for school
Cause it was seen as uncool

Prior to when he died
I had looked him in eyes
And I told him this world was ours
Even though it was forsaken
It was ours for the taking
He turned and he told me
Life’s what you make it
So don’t break it
Live it up, and make it
Can’t say I understood what he meant by that
But it made sense as a matter of fact

We were suppose to chyl on the block later that night
But when he didn’t show up I had a bit of fright
So I called his crib, then I called around
And every time he was nowhere to be found

I went up to his room looking for a clue
And what I found, I hoped it to be untrue
But it was true, so what was I to do

What I found was a note, on his dresser
Written by him, and it read:

“I can’t take it no more
Life is so unjust
Don’t wanna be here no more
Just wanna take my life and go
I’ve been bullied everyday
Bullied in many ways
I’ve been hurt physically!
As seen by the bruises on my arm
To know what has happened can never be gone
To know the courses of those could neva be forgotten
Signed a victim!”

My heart sank as I read that note
Then I realized why he wore that big coat
And I realized why he did that dope
It wasn’t because he wanted to
But because it was his obligation due to the situation he was going through

Every now and then I sit and reminisce
About the times we shared
The missions be dared
And I ask myself, why?
Why is life so unfair

A full year has past
Since he took his life
And everyday, it ain't getting any easier
You see, there were days where I would cry myself to sleep
In hopes, that it would ease the grief
That I felt inside
In hopes, that it would give me relief
The very thing I was denied

Thoughts of revenge would always enter my mind
Then I take a moment to think
About the consequences of my action
With this particular fascination
I would always ask myself:
“Would I be better than them?
If I made them cry
Would I ever be condemned?
If I made them die
Then I remember, what a great man once said
“Life’s what you make it
So don’t break it
Live it up, and make it”

So next time your about to bully someone
Remember it doesn’t hurt just one.

The author's comments:
Word translation:
* Block: town
*Crib: home

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mikey123 said...
on Oct. 13 2010 at 6:25 pm
wow this is really strong yet soo tru ur amasing at writing rock on dude

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