June 11, 2009
By Anonymous

when i wont walk on eggshells
you say im vile
when i speak my mind
you dont try to find
a reason why
you just rewind
and edit my profile

like some sick cartoonist
you distort my image
to fit your visual
of the world around you
but you dont have a clue
as to who i am or what i do

paranoia shrouds your mind
with flashbacks of another girl
you once knew
to be kind and true;
a younger you

YOU were a little c***
YOU destroyed your mother
YOU were the one
with the attitude
to the prelude
of a failed existence

i am NOT you
and you're worse than your mother
and if you continue
on this bogus crusade
our friendship will fade
until we hate eachother

maybe i should kill you
and return the pain you've caused me
so that your stubborn a** will see
that you're a f****** monster
the child your mother failed to foster
and as for your little girl -

- you've lost her.

The author's comments:
This is another poem I wrote when I was twelve.

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