Innocent's Thief

June 10, 2009
By Anonymous

“Please don’t come in.
Please don’t come in”
I hear myself say
“Please don’t come
And take what’s secretly mine away

I have to hide I tell myself
I have to hide right now
I have to find someplace he wouldn’t look for me
The place I knew he wouldn’t know without a doubt

I heard him turn the knob
And so scared I crawled under my bed
I heard him say “come out. Come out”
And bad thoughts came into my head
This wasn’t the first time he came for me
It happened a lot some time ago
But I though he was done with me
And his new victim would be one he didn’t know

I saw his feet move across the room
And then stopped in front of my bed
I cover my mouth to hush my heavy breathing
He walked out the room
And I started to breath again
Tonight he left without touching me
But tomorrow I can’t be so sure
Every time he stole from me he always took more

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