want to know a secret?

June 9, 2009
By Anonymous

I'm so sick of these lies
so sick of the fights
so sick of crying at night

Trying to find help
that's why we scream and yell

Looking at the empty glass
that once had
juices that abuse us

Feeling the taste of the blade
running across dead flesh

Sensation, temptation

bleeding eyes
hatred inside

Livivng in a s***hole
there's nothing blissful

Everyone is hated

by one, by two and by a few
No one knows, but me and you
of all that we've been through

Everything we've seen and heard
was infered

As the direction to take
but all we did was a mistake

Is this all they have?
We're making our own path,
we're making sure we'll pass.

We won't be left behind,
thats why we fight.

To move on and emulate,
we control our own fate.

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