Advice For Three Days MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   1 Preoccupation with yesterday is the snakebite that will taint

your blood with the venom of regret.

But the past should be examined for the purpose of growth.

Emulate former successes and shun prior mistakes.

For although the past is never totally repeated,

certain common features are always present.

Yesterday is similar enough to tomorrow to make learning from

previous experiences possible.

2. Today you've been blessed with twenty-four hours of limitless

potential and infinite possibilities.

As the golden sun rises, all past events are quickly erased,

and future ones become inconsequential.

There is no before or after, only now.

Don't brood about yesterday,

or fear tomorrow.

Be wary of the gray labyrinth of daily routine;

don't wander into it, for escape is difficult.

Needless repetition and automatic behavior

are the dead ends that will keep you entrapped.

3. Tomorrow can sneak up like a cat burglar in a black and white movie.

Make sure that the windows of responsibility are closed

and the door of obligation is locked.

Know the weak points of your home and compensate for them,

like an old man uses a cane to compensate for his infirmity;

lest ye one day find that your house has been robbed.

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