For You, My Darling Heartbreaker

June 5, 2009
By Anonymous

For you, my darling heartbreaker
For you I’ve cried
For you I would lie
We’ve been together for years
And you didn’t even know my name
I’ve watched you grow
Cut down those smaller than yourself
And now I see what a monster you were
But love is blind
And I was shallow
I drowned in your navy eyes
Fantasized about “us”
Dreamed of you
More than once
But I loved too soon
And fell to hard
For one who wouldn’t catch me
You wanted a sheep
An arm candy girlfriend
With a pretty face and an empty head
And I was too strange
For you
You tore my heart into
Tiny pieces
But still I held on
I’ve seen you angry and hurt
Tired and annoyed
You always were a whiner
But I ignored it
After all, you were my fantasy
But then it ended
With my irreversible mistake
Two more weeks of my fruitless love
And then we’ll be separated
Hopefully for good
So many times I’ve tried to hate you
So many times I’ve tried to tear my heart
From my chest
To keep it from breaking
Any further
But it never worked
And I continue being tortured
By your fake beauty
Killing my shallow heart

The author's comments:
Jeepers, that's long! Okay, my last love angst poem...probably. This one sums up everything that has happened, so if you feel the need to get the general umbrella idea, read this one!

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