June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Couldn’t tell if you were high or stoned
Maybe you weren’t under the influence
Could have had a few for all I know

But I sure do know that you weren’t acting so smart
Dropping insults like a cloud full of rain
Then you stumbled in the door
Dropped dead on the stairs

After I brought you back to life
You swore and cursed
Then hit me when I cried

In the morning I followed routine
Made you coffee
Covered the bruise
Went off to work
I safe ‘cause I wasn’t near you

Then that night you didn’t come home
I wasn’t worried
This had happened before

I figured you weren’t alone
Probably with someone else
But I didn’t care
I knew I would be safe

I woke to a knock
I answered the door
Wasn’t surprised when I saw the blue suit
I reached for my purse
Told him I’d come down
To bail you out yet another time

He told me to stop
I might want to sit
He had some news that I might not be happy with

You were driving
Hit another car
You didn’t make it
You were so drunk it was hard to believe

I started sobbing
Didn’t know if it was joy or pain
I was glad you were gone
I didn’t have to live though anymore pain

Yet I would miss seeing you face
When you were sober
I loved you more than I should have
Thinking it would save me from a beating
The next time you went out

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