June 3, 2009
By Anonymous

When you think you love him, you realize you really dont. When you want to tell him that you dont all you can say is I love you so. Pone day when you are talking something happens. He tries to rape. All you can thing about is how pissed your boyfriend will be will be.. When you tell him he tries to bale it on you. You cant help to cry. You told him everything, bit still your the one in trouble. When he realizes that you didnt want to, he says "im sorry." Three weeks later your still in love. But hoping and praying you dont do anything wrong. What happens if you do? Why does he get away with everything? Why can you ever get pissed at him? Id he that perfect? Maybe he shouldnt be with you. Maybe you should tell him he should be with someone more perfect. That wont mess up. Im sorry I cant do that.

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