June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

A part of my heart dies
Each and everyday
Sometimes the pain is too much
But I can’t just watch you walk away

You said you didn’t think you could stop
That the hitting just sorta started
But your glad I stay with you
Glad we haven’t parted

I don’t really notice it
It happens so often
I’m sort of numb to the pain now
But I feel I might end up in a coffin

You always say your sorry
You always apologize
You say “at least I don’t cheat”
“at least I don’t tell lies”

You said that abuse isn’t as bad
You said at least were not apart
But you don’t understand
That it still hurts my heart

I don’t feel anything on the outside
But on the inside I’m dying
Even though no tears fall
I can’t stop from crying

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