My Brains are gone.

June 2, 2009
By Berto.Who.? BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Berto.Who.? BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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I might be a little late to school today.
Because the blood just keeps coming and coming,
like a raging river, being soaked up from my nose onto this wrinkled piece of toilet paper.
And No one’s home but my sister,
who is so deep in her slumber there’s spider webs in her head rather than dreams.
So what do I do? I’m not invincible.

I’m sick, lightheaded, and dizzy,
yet my parents insist on taking me to school,
I’m still sick because “I don’t blow my nose enough”
because I walk around barefoot, drank cold drink, and I showered.
Or at least according to my parents that’s why I’m still sick.

When I was little and I’d get sick,
I’d remember to constantly blow my nose,
I wanted to keep my head looking normal.
I remember my mom telling me that if I didn’t blow my nose,
My boogers would transform into “gusanos”, and crawl up to my head,
she told me they’d settle there like caterpillars living in a tree,
like little “gusanos’ living in my forehead.

She told me the pains in my forehead were those caterpillars wanting to burst out,
like a screwdriver drilling through my head.
they wanted to see the world in which we live in.

it’s 1:05 am and I’m far from sleep,
My eyes aren’t even heavy from the sand that is magically placed between my eyes and the bridge of my nose, but I feel like sh**.
The caterpillars are knocking at the door of my skull,
they want to ram through my skull and rip through the brown skin on my forehead,

They’re tired of being in my forehead,
they’re too cramped and they keep on growing,
It’s dark in there,
they’re afraid of the dark.
They just want to be free.

and how convenient is it that only one of my nostrils is all plugged up?
the caterpillars are trying to find a way of escaping this thing called Norberto.
they’re ready for me to blow them as hard as I can into this toilet paper,
they’re free.

My head is lying on the kitchen floor,
rotten, green, split in half,
My brains are gone,
the caterpillars are my brains, or at least were.
they are now roaming the halls of W. High,
and invading my fellow peers

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on Apr. 20 2011 at 10:07 am
I loved it so much. :)

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