A drunken night

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

He sobbed for me that night
loud painful wails
begged me to hold his hand like old times
I cried silently
as he laid his
head on my thigh
the blue sweats
I wore catching his tears.

I sat there in darkness with
this boy on my lap
both of us crying
for one another

He apologized for the pain
and told me he loved me.
I stared
unable to repeat those words
to him
the words I used to
say everyday
before he left me

Then the words I used to say stopped
And the pain
In my heart depend

Now for the first time ever
He told me he
Loved me
more than anything or anyone else.

Maybe it was the vodka
Maybe the captain
But still those
Three simple words
Left his trembling lips
And over

My heart quickened
beating slowly back to life
After so long
And fresh tears
Salty like the sea
Began falling
Stinging my
red swollen eyes.
But still
I couldn’t bring
My lips to

He tightened
His grip on my hand
And begged me
Not to let go.
Did he really love me?
Or was it the alcohol.

I couldn’t imagine causing someone
You “love” so much
The way he did
to me.

So we sat there
In the dark
Until he cried
Himself to sleep

Whispering I love you
Until he couldn’t

I carefully stood up
And put a warm
over his sleeping figure.
This boy,
The one I
Wanted to strangle
The one that
Broke my heart
looked so peaceful
when he slept.

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