June 1, 2009
By Raamses Noriega SILVER, Aurora, Oregon
Raamses Noriega SILVER, Aurora, Oregon
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Streaming through the Hidden darkness
Almost controlling the hands of time
The sun remains up at mid-day
Shredding tears of blood, till the chime

Thinking life is just not fair
Screaming till you can’t control
Swinging everywhere, but why
She’s lying on the floor, it’s all so dull

Did you hit her, you can not think
But you’ve been taught so well from your dad
You wish you could just die as well
Not thinking are you sad, glad, bad, or mad?

Pulling the blade, but still feel regret
Not able to kept on going through
Why? How? How could you, all the harmony
You don’t know what you are, or better yet who

You shiver with fear as the sirens get close
Lying beside her you cannot comprehend
You feel like what, imagine, space, knight, think
Cannot speak the message you try to send

While they pull you away
Your life flashes through your eyes
Saying it was an accident screaming, hollering
But even you know its all lies

While they question you with words
Everything they say just passes through your mind
Not even stopping to think about it
All you think is, you should have been more kind

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gingerbread said...
on Mar. 2 2010 at 4:31 pm
this is amazing!!!!!

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