Skyscraper MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


The sky is so deep tonight, it seems.
The kind of night
That's so clear,
So crystalline,
You could use it to slice glass.
I'm seeing distant galaxies,
And souls of friends of mine
Who've simply moved on.
The stars change shape
Every so often,
Cutting this way and that
Intricate shapes in their vast black backdrop.
It does seem I could touch one,
I feel tonight I could,
And the wind at my ear
Seems to whisper and urge it.
I'm trying,
But now the stars blur,
They're bleeding it would seem,
And I can't move my gaze
From the heavens above.
This not-so-heavenly body
Just doesn't want to move.
Now it's warm and wet
As I stare up and out beyond,
It's running down my legs,
My face, my arms,
And I'm feeling for the body
Once just here beside me.
But my fingers are stung -
Are the stars right here,
In the seat of my car?
They're so sharp and metallic,
And so cold to my touch.
I guess they fell
When I hit the tree -
It's so tall
It must have scraped the sky.
For what else could it be?
I only had five tonight,
Just fine and I'm able to drive.
But how strange
It truly does feel
As I crane and roll
My head to the side.
That half of my car
Has been ripped from me,
And lies on the ground,
A new shade of red!
But I can't see the rest
'Cause I can't lift my head.
And I can just roll it back
To stare up at my sky,
That razor-sharp sky
Now spinning around.
Why won't it just stop?
It makes me so dizzy,
Now my head feels so light.
The black sky's come to me!
Maybe tonight
I'll touch those stars
After all.

by Kristen B., Bayville, NY

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