The Hidden Fairytale

June 1, 2009
By tessa calandra BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
tessa calandra BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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Once upon a time,
There was a fairytale.
About a girl
Married to a boy.

Peasants envied them.
Their money,
Their love,
Their children to be? Hopefully a prince.
Only in their dreams.

Waiting and waiting..
Months and months.
Take out your calendars,
And start counting down.
To the day the son will not come out.
The birth day,
The mother is whipped,
And raped.
The day she is banished,
And replaced.

It is her fault.
“Why not produce a son!
You know I wanted one!”

No heir.
No kingdom.
No wife.
Just a space,
Left for the next victim.
To fall asleep,
And have a nightmare.
And not wake up.

No such thing,
As happily ever afters.
Just afters of pain
And tears,
And blood.

From the unhappy ‘dream’?
The dreamy prince
With gorgeous eyes
Tan skin and a hard body.
A pitiful smile
Because his cruel wife would not give him his heir.

This is our history,
Our future.
No way out.

And they lived,
Ever after.

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