A Walk In The Dark MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


A profound complacency,
tranquil serenity,
placid repose.
Purple water and orange sky,
perpetual patterns of hopeful prayers,
the last speck of green on the horizon,
fills each heart with awe.
The sailors' legend
of a half second of spectacular splendor.

A puddle of light in darkness,
a fog filled valley.
Moon shadow and starlight,
fill each crevice with mystery.
Every rise and every fall of earthly undulations,
give way to apprehensive curiosity.
Proportions are distorted,
everyday ordinaries become enchanted marvels.

As I walk along the shadows of hills
so small to the world but to me,
a vast expanse of wonder,
the amazing details are astounding,
for I cannot comprehend the magnitude
of the hand that made nature phenomenal as it is.

The stars scold me as I intrude into their silent ethereal world.
The crunch of the cold grass beneath my step,
the euphonic cacophony of the air in my ears,
a song of love of hate and fear of hope,
screaming at me and I alone.
Alone in the world for a moment,
my moment alone.
Left to contemplate everything or nothing at all,
this night belongs to me.

by Lisa N., Nantucket, MA

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