August 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Some think
love is an emotion.
A feeling, meant
for someone.
They say "I love you"
and mean
"I think about you"
Some think
love is an action.
They express love
by whichever method
they find best.
They say "I love you"
and mean
"I'll buy you a chocolate"
A very few
think of love
as a bond.
A bond between two
significant others.
And when they say
"I love you",
they mean it.

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This article has 4 comments.

on Aug. 28 2009 at 1:11 am
NascentNovelist GOLD, Syracuse, Utah
15 articles 3 photos 15 comments
I have always struggled to understand love. This very simply states the truth of what it is. Ha ha. Thank you.

on Aug. 28 2009 at 1:05 am
RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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True dat!!! Wish i had that bond!!

on Aug. 26 2009 at 1:06 am
kiwi12 PLATINUM, Austin, Texas
28 articles 10 photos 365 comments
A bond. Good description, however, I believe it is an act of will. We choose to love, it is a feeling sometimes, but it is willpower. For example, i love my family no matter what. Sometimes they are terribly annoying or argumentive, but I still love them.

on Aug. 25 2009 at 6:56 pm
jennee21_ann GOLD, Helper, Utah
17 articles 0 photos 568 comments

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true. a lot of teenagers mistake what the word love means, and you did a great job explaining that, then showing the true meaning of love :) very deep and very good. bravo! check out and rate/comment on some of my work, the opinions are so important to me :) but honestly this is a very good piece and im looking forward to more work from you!


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