August 18, 2009
By Chiquita SILVER, Stafford, Virginia
Chiquita SILVER, Stafford, Virginia
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I dream of being with you forever:) Twilight::

The dreams I have show hope,
I might have lost this battle
but in my mind i always came out winning.
The deception still wanders,
And I still walk around cluelessly.
Unaware, and unsure of what happened,
My fate leads me to a new path.
A clean route
That's fresh and untouched.
I can't bare the memories,
And my reality tortures me.
My judgement is on it's way
I'll have no where to run
and no time to spare.
Every second wastes time,
And every minute a life is taken.
I wasted time and let death take a new victim.
Next in line here i stand.
Waiting once more.
My time is finally up
I'll now be forced to leave,
For judgement has arrived.

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