August 18, 2009
By rachelmueller GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
rachelmueller GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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How could you!
i trusted you!
i cared for you!
i loved you

Your were my best friend!
and now i dont know whats happened to you

Wheres the girl i knew
the same one who would scream down the halls
or the one who helpped me up after tripping me.

How could you do this to me!
i was there for you always
when your world fell apart
i did everything to put it back together for you
when you cried my should was there for you

but now
after you abandoned me for those ***
after to have my boyfriend jumped and almost killed!
you arent that same girl anymore

i cant believe
refuse to accept this new you

i lied for you
i cried for you
i was there for you
i cared for you
i was you best friend
at least i thought i was
now i know differently.

its trued that your were there for me
untill i needed you most

and you fought for me
but than you also fought me

and where was your shoulder
when i cried?

you did lie for me
but you also lied to me

after everything we went through
adter all the years
you now cliam to not care for me anymore
and over a stupid boy of all things!

you left him.
you didnt love him.
you broke his heart.
and now you want him back.
i dont think so.

i cant believe you tess.
i told you from the begining that this would happen.
remember that day.
when we first became friends?

i told you, that someday you would betray me
and your said never.
you said best friend till the end.
i guess now its the end right.

you always said you got my back,
youd be there to protect me
but it was you who put the knife there
and i just dont ahve the strength to pull it out.

me Tess me.....i was your best friend.
i would have done anything for you.
nearly did to.

it killed me when your cried on the phone.
and it hurt more to know i caused your pain.

and you knwo something Tess
after everything
even though you wont give me the time of day
and you apparently hate me

i will still be here for you
if you ask,
and i will always let your cry on my shoulder,
no matter what i promised you
id always be here for you

thats what best friends do.

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