Chaos MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Dreams demolished before they can bloom,

A spacious mansion, but still not a room.

Brilliant structures corrode before built,

An unselfish character riddled with guilt.

Creatures unborn have already died,

Withholding a compass but still need a guide.

Theories critiqued before they are spoken,

Shatter-proof glass but still it gets broken.

Going nowhere but still I keep walking,

Left all alone still I keep on talking.

Unique illustrations torn prior to creation,

Labelled insane though seized by sedation.

Doesn't make sense but sounds about right,

Developed insomnia before it is night.

Wearing a smile but still feeling pain,

Not a cloud in the sky but still I feel rain.

Hardly seems frightening but still feeling scared,

Thought you were ready but still unprepared.

A nocturnal silence till you see the light's tip,

The sun glares so brightly though there's an eclipse.

Treated unfairly but still so polite,

A non-violent person but started a fight.

Time seems to stop but your watch keeps on ticking,

Got so much work but your brain won't get kicking.

Yearning to cry but not till you're alone,

Yet it's still trapped inside once you finally reach home.

Too tired to sleep, too tense to think,

Try to wash your hands of worry but you clogged the kitchen sink.

Fear the unknown, not knowing your fears,

Not sure of your feelings, your reason for tears.

Viewing the world through my mind's eye,

I leave to say hello and I came to say good-bye.

Confusion and chaos seem the pattern of life,

The only real sequence though causing much strife.

But without all the irony, what would remain?

An inanimate journey, tedious and plain.

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