August 17, 2009
A butterfly with broken wings
sings the saddest song.
Her loneliness forever begs
for the sweet taste of
seductive honey
from Adam and Eve's
forbidden garden.
Wings clipped
and cast down from heaven's clouds,
like a prisoner of life's hardships
she is thrown into the still shadows
finding comfort in rose color glasses.
She borrows the golden elixir's wings
And escapes the sorrow
Escapes the pain of a wingless life
Looking for a pair of wings
to call her own.
But how can she find them
when she doesn't know
what she's looking for?
As quick as a thief in the moonless night
the elixir snatches back its
ghostly wings
And the butterfly
spins, spazzes, and sputters
out of control.
softly falling
back in to reality.

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