Set You Free.

August 17, 2009
By mrsdavyjones20 BRONZE, Placentia, California
mrsdavyjones20 BRONZE, Placentia, California
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What a simplistic race we are.
The human race.

Sure, we have complex functions.
A select few have complex minds.

But true simplicity lies in some.
Those who never look beneath the surface.

There is so much detail in the world.
Beautiful intricacy.
Most look right past it.


How can you look right past your own eyes?
Miss the beautiful things.
The things that are right in front of you.

People look.
But they don't see.
They're just not seeing.

There's so much more.
Past the bubblegum pop celebrities.
Past the pointless political arguments.
Past the money-hungry moguls.
Past the need for power, wealth, fame.

Such a fake world we live in today.
Filled with lies crammed into our heads.

Nothing is real anymore.
Everything is a mirage.
A facade.

We see what we want to see.
Not what's really there.

We need to look past our noses for once.
Stop hiding from the truth.

A sweet lie is almost as painful as the cold truth.

Open your eyes.
Slow down your racing heart.
Listen to silence.
Take the world for what it is.

A raw world.
Untouched by human greed.

View every day like you've never seen it.

Stop not knowing.
And accepting that.

Find out.
Answer the questions you didn't know you had burning inside you.

Walk around in the pouring rain.
Your senses overloading.
Don't say you're wet.

You're feeling.

Say nothing for a little while.
Give your mind a chance.
Think about everything.


Really wonder.
Want to understand.

Don't plan everything.
Let life come to you.

Touch a soft green leaf.
Nature in it's purest form.
Take it for what it is.
A creation by no man.

The world made so many beautiful things.
We push them aside, take them all for granted.

Cry if you need to.
Stop faking a smile.

You're only hurting yourself.
Let your senses breathe.

Don't hold back.

Give your heart a chance to choose.
Your soul.

Make every experience a new adventure.
Stop giving in to the monotony.

Stop the repetition.
Go out on a limb.

Do something random.

Break the chain.

Start a new world all your own.
Don't care what anyone else says.
Or thinks.

Feel your world.
Learn what you thought you already knew.

Do something different.
Stop blending in.

Let your soul be free.

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