he breaks

August 16, 2009
By , philly, PA
i am in love at first sight,
were together for three years,
he breaks my heart once,
i can't let him go,
he breaks my heart twice,
even though i know,
i still can't let him go,
he says he loves me,
that i truly believe,
he breaks my heart double,
than i am in trouble,
i start to ache,
i start to cry,
i start to get depressed,
then i lie,
i lie to my enemys but friends,
forever and ever i try to change,
i am a teenage girl in denial ,
i see who i am,
inside and outsiode of me,
but i don't know me,
and i don't love myself,
but people sometimes love me,
i want to be somebdy who changed,
now i am a adult and i am 18 years old,
i feel trapped still,
but i will change slowly,
he breaks my heart,
but i will always think about him,
he breaks.

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