Machines Making Mischief

August 16, 2009
By Kaitlyn Avarre BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Kaitlyn Avarre BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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What happened to the TV?
It fizzed and popped and crackled
Until the repairman came
The microwave burnt my popcorn
In a shower of sparks

What’s going on?
What will we do?
All the machines
Are breaking
And disappearing

The printer wouldn’t stop
It gave me a gazillion papers
Before it went ker-plop!
The oven was smoking
And shaking
Like a desperate addict

It has broken my counters
And sent the dishes toppling
The shelving was a mess
And my phones
Oh, how I thought they’d never stop!
Their ringing and bleeping
Were driving me crazy

The toaster has splintered
Into a thousand shiny needles
The cuckoo was working ninety minutes an hour
My car—my car!
Has found a new shape;
An hourglass with no sand

The shredder grew teeth
And gobbled up all my paper
Every musically electronic device was blaring
Every song they’ve ever heard
The thunderstorm outside
Was playing havoc with my lighting
I think it turned to ash
Every lamp in my possession

The dishwasher coughed up my dishes
In a fountain of hysterics
The faucet cried
And flooded the room

The icemaker was shoveling ice like crazy—
Every shape you ever heard of was flying across the room

The freezer took control of the kitchen
Arresting it from the oven

The fireplace was shooting columns of fire twenty feet high
Fire-bullets and ice-spears were exchanged
Between countries;
And Fire

What’s going on?
What will we do?
All the machines
Are breaking
And disappearing

The stereo, the radio
The fireplace and freezer
Dishwasher and icemaker
Shredder and sharpener
My printer and the phones
They’re all broken

And disappearing

The TV and the oven
The toaster, and faucet
The clocks and lamps
Whatever shall I do
Without my masters of work?

Oh, no!
They are all gone—
I just knew it
Oh, thank god—
The computer

the microwave

the refrigerator;
They’re still here
I just knew they would be
For I am

The author's comments:
The three machines left are the three machines that I could never live without, hence the last phrase "i just knew they would be for I am alive".

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