John Lennon

August 16, 2009
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You walked up to me.
I signed your copy of Double Fantasy.
I thought you were an ordinary fan,
That was all part of your brilliant plan.

I was standing outside the hotel Dakota.
Signing your album must have been bad karma.
You shot me in the back, point blank.
Everyone in New Yorks's heart immediately sank.

For three days you plotted and schemed,
About hot to pull off your life long dream.
Mark David Chapman, you were quite bizarre,
For the rest of your life you'll be sitting behind bars.

I remember a question from a news-caster,
I didn't have to think to give my answer.
How do you think you will die? He said eagerly,
I said, "I will probably be popped off by some loony."

Give peace a chance, I always said.
Take it from here Sean, for now I am dead.
All I ever wanted was peace and love,
I finally found it, here in the heavens above.

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