Dark Nature

August 16, 2009
By Karl Enghofer BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Karl Enghofer BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Nature. Why are you so dark?
I don't know.
Birds be chripin' cheerfully,
Then some kid picks 'em off with a BB gun.
Salamanders be squirmin'
But what do they do,
When there is nothing left to squirm about?
Water be flowin',
Even though it is dirty.
I saw you throw that Pepsi can in the lake.
The air be whistlin',
Even though it is poluted.
Put that grit out.
So you see.
Nature is not dark.
You are.

The author's comments:
this piece was writtin in almost under a minute after getting zero sleep the night before. I was zoning out in Math class and everything came to me.

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