Stupid Girl

August 16, 2009
You told me you loved me... You told me you would never hurt me... You told me we belonged together...I was your everything...your mirical...What we had was perfect...Nothing could tear us apart...
What happened? Was it all a lie? I mean...I trusted you...I believed you!
God! How could I be so stupid?! I should have known this would happen...I should've known not to listen to the boys anymore...I guess I just thought you were different...wait: HOPED! I hoped you were different...I hoped you meant what you said.
Wow...It's kind of funny how you can crush my heart over and over, and I still can't stop crying over you...
The worst part is that I actually believed I'd found love...Found the right person, ya know?
But in the end, I guess it's not as easy as it used to be...No. Most definately not as easy as it used to be.

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