August 15, 2009
It used to be you & I,
Since pre-k, mom, you & I,
I used to be the little girl that’d cry,
For you mom,
Cuz’ it was you & I,
You used to be the woman that’d never want to say bye,
Cuz’ it was you & I mom, only you & I,
At 6 years old you made sure I excelled, instead of just getting by,
Cuz’ it was you & I mom, only you & I,
Oh & in 2204, when you gave birth to that cute little guy,
It was still you & I mom, still you & I,
Already 10 years old and just for comfort with you I’d lie,
Cuz’ it was still you & I,
Wow, 12 years old & when you’d reprimand me, I’d scream & sigh,
But still somehow & somewhere mom, it was still you & I,
Now we’d be the only two weirdo’s staying up, watching sci-fi,
Because no matter what mom,
It’ll always be you & I.

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JussCallMeMacAri said...
Aug. 27, 2012 at 6:29 pm
I loved this poem, it was very touching.
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