Should Love !

August 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Should love be characterize as one word or two words?
Should it be taken for granted or spit upon?
Why should love be so digusting sometimes and unappropiate ?
Someone tell me WHY!
Should it ... or not ?
Should love be a game that ends up in a tragic dispute or should love be bout peace and understanding with just a lil twist?
Should love be so brutal to us that it leaves us heart broken to the point where we ball our selves up into a lil ball and cry ?
Should love be cheated ?
No! it should not be that way .
But then again Should love be that way ?
Who knoes how love is suppose to feel cuz as we knoe it comes in many different ways shapes n sizes even sumtimes in buckets n buckets of broken hearts.That jsut need sum mendin bac together again .

What SHOULD LOVE be about ?

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