Should Love !

August 15, 2009
By , Bronx, NY
Should love be characterize as one word or two words?
Should it be taken for granted or spit upon?
Why should love be so digusting sometimes and unappropiate ?
Someone tell me WHY!
Should it ... or not ?
Should love be a game that ends up in a tragic dispute or should love be bout peace and understanding with just a lil twist?
Should love be so brutal to us that it leaves us heart broken to the point where we ball our selves up into a lil ball and cry ?
Should love be cheated ?
No! it should not be that way .
But then again Should love be that way ?
Who knoes how love is suppose to feel cuz as we knoe it comes in many different ways shapes n sizes even sumtimes in buckets n buckets of broken hearts.That jsut need sum mendin bac together again .

What SHOULD LOVE be about ?

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