Perfect Homosapien

August 15, 2009
By jp morris BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
jp morris BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Is there a perfect homosapien?
Is there someone diligent and bounty?
Is there someone who is never flustered?
Can there be someone who is emulous?
Does someone make no errors?
If there is. Where is this homosapien?
Don’t hide, show yourself, don’t have awe.
Or do you just make yourself a fib?
We’re fervent for someone perfect.
But now we are in distress.
Can there be a perfect earth?
With no conflicts in the way
Can everyone stop for a minute,
And listen to the orchestra, can you hear it?
Is this dulcet? And you ask yourself where has the music been?
For you have been to distracted on other things.
You, had the radio on full blast and covered up
The sounds of the perfect earth.
Or you were to focused on the incredible new game.
You have arrogance and you lose all your friends.
Why are you so selfish and rude?
You try to be stolidity, but don’t hide your
Emotions let them out!
Try to be more speculate,
And just maybe you can be that perfect human
Everyone can make the perfect world.
If you just think before you do something callous.
Is there a perfect homosapien?

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