The Door to Heaven

August 15, 2009
By Reebie Woto BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Reebie Woto BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Blissfulness is not in ignorance, but in the mind

Adolescence; never lost but left behind

And although not mislaid, still hard to find

In the world, a handless clock, the keeper of our time

I stride a one man militia; devoted and free

Through battle, blood, and bullets claiming victory

And as I mount the sacred ladder to eternity

I, the seed of a branchless tree will close my eye’s to see

As night falls upon the earth in which I lay me head

The moon will sing and stars will dance circles around my bed

Hands out to me, I try to reach and see I am misled

I close my eyes, spread wings to fly, “Come to me,” I said

Now through my window, golden yellow birds are bellowing

I wipe my sight clear of the night and lift me voice to sing

Looking above to whom I love I kiss the doves white wings

My heart gave birth to pain and worth but only one will sting

Blissfulness is not in ignorance but in the soul

Adolescence creeps through my mouth and exits through my nose

As I run the track of life the world beneath my toes

Hoping when I reach my destination the gates will not be closed

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