I Love You

August 15, 2009
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I love you

Fall asleep for the rest of my days,
Wake me up when life is over.
You kill me in the worst of ways.
I love you forever, never again.
The crow flies by, please take me.
I can never tell, I can never show.
Please never go away.
I can’t live without you.
Take me where I can wait,
And be with you forever my love.
Take me where I can see,
And hear your heart beat like the sun.
Don’t tell me my eyes decieve me,
That I’m wrong, and alone,
Don’t break my heart, it is seeing
Seeing what you’ve shown.
I’m bleeding for you tonight,
For my aching heart,
You’re taking my breath with a sigh,
Now I’m back to the start.
So please let me tell you,
That I love you.

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