It's Not Fair

August 15, 2009
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It’s not fair
How some live the rich life
While others starve to death
It’s not fair
That you’re judged by your social class,
The clothes you wear,
And how you do your hair
It’s not fair
How people are always fighting for money
While some have never even owned a penny
It’s not fair
That the smarts are expected to never get anything wrong
And finish a hard test with an A+
But the average are praised for even the smallest accomplishment
It’s not fair
How good people are looked down upon right away
For the smallest bad thing they did
It’s not fair
That one who gets many awards is only awarded with a”Good Job!”
But one who gets one participant award is awarded with an iPhone
It’s not fair
How after everything I’ve accomplished
I get the worst punishment for doing one bad thing
(That’s not illegal in any way and never will be.)
But someone who makes the most trouble
Gets the biggest reward
It’s not fair
It’s not fair
Life is not fair.

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amaranth178 said...
Apr. 26, 2010 at 9:09 pm
Life can be fair;  people, however, are not always so. Even so, I know many many people can identify with this. We've all been slighted at one point or another and this verbalizes our frustration! I like the way you articulated your ideas =)
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