Dear Angie,

August 15, 2009
By casey kelly BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
casey kelly BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
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Let there be cloudy days
Let Him bring wet monsoons
They can not distract me
From always loving you

Let the Heavens above me fall
Let the floor below me sink
All my bones would shatter
But my love shall never shrink

Curse me with a bad disease
Rob me of my wealth
Take away the roof above
So you may have good health

Lock me in a dungeon
And let me starve for days
I’d endure all of this
For only you I praise

May your beauty slowly fade
May the gray take it’s toll
None of this I care about
All I need is your soul

The world can’t stand to see us
In every single way
Don’t listen to their whispers
Don’t think about their nays

All you need to be happy
Is the one who wrote this script
Don’t run from who you love
And leave our hearts this ripped

Be there in times of trouble
Stay when it gets rough
Mend our problems with your love
Never say you’ve had enough

Everything that’s broken
Can be fixed with the right tools
Promise to try your hardest
Even if you must break the rules

I leave you here with a choice
And for now I bid adieu
I hope you do the right thing
And see that I’m for you

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