M.A.D (Mutual Assured Destruction)

August 15, 2009
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You never thought you'd see the day
They thought it’d never come
The White House say’s it’s nothing
But you were never dumb
You walk outside
To amber skies, misty eyes
A thousand tears, a million cries
Pandemonium in Manhattan
Mayhem in L.A
There’s nothing you can do now
So you begin to pray
To who or what, you don’t know
It’s worth a shot
Before you go
The Earth quakes
Your soul shakes
The end is coming near
Everyone’s so frantic now
And anarchy ensues
The masses loot
As combat boots
Are marching in the streets
It’s hotter now
You’re burning up
Guess this is how it ends…
You dry your tears and say goodbye
To family and friends
And as you end that last embrace
You feel the flames against your face
You close your eyes and you fall back
As billions die
And fade to black

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