Tyler + Crystal= Love

August 14, 2009
By KittyPanda DIAMOND, Cumberland, Rhode Island
KittyPanda DIAMOND, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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I never really knew you,
You were just another friend.
Until I got to know you,
And let my heart unbend.

The times we share,
The way we care.
With time passing by,
With each passing moment, we let each other intertwine.

With loving hearts,
And gentle hands,
We go through it all,
By being there.

Your warm brown eyes,
Beautiful, like when a baby bird flies,
Your gentle touch,
You loving hugs.
The good and the bad,
We’ve been through it all.
We’ll never let each other fall.

The times we fight,
They’re so small.
Sometimes they don’t matter,
Even at all.

The author's comments:
This was writen by me and my ex a while ago..

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