Careless With My Heart

August 14, 2009
By maisha BRONZE, Plano, Texas
maisha BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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Careless with my heart

You say that you’re sorry but sorry just isn’t enough.

I gave you trust you ripped it apart and you think two words can solve that?

I’m not just some charity project; I am a person with feelings inside.

Yeah, careless with my heart.

Thought I could count on you it wasn’t the case.

Heartless, loveless, believe it, deceived it, it’s all the same to you isn’t it?
Uncontrollable, indescribable feelings taking me for an unstable ride.

Is this what you wanted? To see me like this.

I’m stronger, and faster, and taller, and harder.

I know how to handle myself unlike you who let your greed mess everything up.

All I have to say is life is a game but you can’t win if you live like a player.

Careless with my heart, admit it, you know it to be true

Careless, ruthless, thoughtless, useless, but I had uses, a life to live.

I gave my trust to you but you pitched it out to the cold black sea.
Threw it out and decided the world would be in your favor.

I’d say you gave up just a little too soon.

The truth is you never really started at all.

The truth is I was blind because I thought I’d made a difference.

I thought I’d made you see the light but now I know I was so wrong.

A heartache can be mended with chocolate and some downtime

I realized that this is not so much the case for me.

You didn’t just wreck my heart but my soul as well
A scarred soul never heals no matter how long.

You were careless with my heart.

You’ll hear it over and over again.

I’ll bear the wound with me

Everywhere I go until I die.

And in case you ever give someone your soul

And they just pitch it out to the cold black sea

And you fall apart just like I did so long ago

Just remember this one thing I said that was right.

The author's comments:
A poem about how it feels to have someone you thought you loved to toy with your emotions.

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