Good and Evil

August 14, 2009
By 13jcro BRONZE, Centerville, Utah
13jcro BRONZE, Centerville, Utah
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Good and Evil

There was good and there was evil
There was day and there was night
There was heaven and there was hell
And there was the ocean and the sky

These antonyms illustrate some of the constant questions of man.
For if there is good then there is evil.
And if there is evil then there is good.
How simple you think this would be.

Some would say; if there was a god I need him not.
What can he give me that I can not give myself?
Only a fool lets these vain words escape their mouth.
It is a very sad thing.

For there are those who do not believe that men are accountable for there deeds;
I scoff at this.
For if you need proof for the existence of a higher power look around you and you will see.
Is there not grass; are there not all the creatures of the earth?

If we need no god then we need no soul.
If we need no soul then we need no morals.
If we need no morals we need no civilization.
And if we need no civilization, then we are no better than the animals of the earth.

Of course, men have their free will, and may say what they would want.
I only see cause to change our ways and become better people.
The time approaches when we will need our minds to be prepared for the danger that will come to this great country.

For if a time comes for war.
We would need help.
We would need a power not known to man.
We would need him that created us, or so I believe.

And so with parting I believe I must write some few words.
If there is a God we will live forever.
If there is no god we will live as long as our brain continues to function.
I think that there is more, nay; much more that we can do to be a better world, and civilization.

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